July 2004

Preferred Installer Principles

Conditions for Participation

You must agree to the following conditions to participate in Robbins’ Preferred Installer Program and have your Trim Shop listed on our website.

• Business License: Have a valid business license.

• Place of Business: Operate your trim shop in a place of business, not from your home or a vehicle.

• Courtesy: Treat customers and their convertibles with respect and appreciation.

• Honesty. Take time to fully explain the work required and the parts that are needed to install a convertible top or other product correctly. Explain to customers that top pads, side cables and other parts should be purchased to avoid warranty problems, and to provide maximum service life for the new convertible top you plan to install.

• Integrity: Do what you say you will do for a customer. Provide your customers with first-rate care and service.

• Reliability: Finish jobs on the day you have promised them. If this proves impossible (for instance, if unforeseen problems arise), call customers to advise them of the delay.

• Craftsmanship: Make certain you and your employees are knowledgeable about convertible top installation techniques and the tools that are required.

• Thoroughness: Check to see that all jobs performed in your shop were done correctly. Make sure no tools or supplies are left in the convertible, and that tops and windows are clean when the customer picks up the car.

• Creativity: Offer suggestions about the best way to do the job, to ensure that your customer will be satisfied with your work.

• Guarantee: Stand behind your work. Give Robbins’ Warranty Card and green Tradition of Excellence brochure to customers when they pick up their convertibles. Honor any warranty claims that may arise by reporting claims to your distributor and following Robbins’ warranty procedures.

Conditions Requiring Disqualification

• Complaints:.You will be removed from our program if Robbins receives three complaints within two years, from convertible owners or local, state or federal agencies (such as Consumer Affairs or the Better Business Bureau), about:

• Poor quality work

• Dishonest practices

Fill out the following for consideration as a Robbins Preferred Installer:

Name of Trim Shop
Owner/Manager's Name
Email Address
Website Address
Year shop was founded
Business/Resale License No.
Name of distributors with whom you do business and/or with whom you have an open account
Is your business primarily
Do you normally install Robbins Auto Tops' products for your customers?
Do you train your technicians to install convertible tops/glass windows?
I agree to fulfill the requirements of the Robbins Auto Top Company's Preferred Installer Program, as listed on "Preferred Installer Principles".
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